The goodness of natural Swiss herbs for your voice and throat

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At Ricola, we believe in the power of Swiss Herbs. We seek to bring the goodness of Swiss nature and values to the world by creating great tasting, functional herbal products. Each Ricola drop contains 13 natural soothing Swiss herbs that promises to deliver a delightful balance of great taste and soothing relief for the throat.

With over 80 years of experience Ricola takes pride that the products are of high quality providing a delightful experience for our consumers worldwide.


All Ricola products are made with a unique recipe based on the magical Swiss herb mixture with naturally grown herbs from the Swiss Mountain areas.

SWISS HERB LOZENGES – Your Everyday Throat Companion

Ricola’s best-selling Sugar-Free Lozenges brings the soothing benefit of our 13 herb blend right from the Swiss Alps and into your hands. Comes in 9 exciting flavours for every taste preference, there’s bound to be one for you!

FRESH PEARLS – Fun, Chewy Refreshment

Ricola Fresh Pearls combines the goodness of real fruit concentrate and the Ricola secret herb blend while offering the strong breath refreshment and chewy texture that made it a favourite among the young and young at hearts. Now available in a trendy new look with enhanced flavour and better mouth feel, available in 7 unique flavours, find the one for you now!

SWISS HERB CANDY – All Time Favourite

The iconic original herb drop that made Ricola famous worldwide. The secret 13 herb recipe and distinctive cube shape has remain unchanged since 1940 and is still well-loved by consumers around the world.

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More about Ricola

Ricola is one of the world’s most modern and innovative manufacturers of herb drops. With over 80 years of heritage, each drop of Ricola is a delightful balance of herb benefits and great taste. A household brand in Singapore, Ricola is still 100% produced in Switzerland till today. The company takes pride that our products ranges are quality, healthy and hygienic for all consumers globally.

All Ricola products:

- 100% manufactured in Switzerland.
- Naturally grown herbs in the Swiss mountains.
- Environmentally friendly cultivation method, without the use of pesticides and insecticides.
- Have no artificial coloring or flavorings.

Things you didn’t know about Ricola (Fun Facts)

- Ricola was first established in 1930 as a bakery by master baker Emil Richterich.
- The name Ricola is derived from the first two letters of words RIchterich & COmpany, LAufen.
- Ricola produces 24,000 drops per minute.
- Ricola herb drops are indispensable for many top stars. Robbie Williams, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake and Cate Blanchett are all self-confessed Ricola fans.
- The “Riiicolaaaa’ call was first created in 1993 and is still famous around the world today.

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1. An improved formula when compared to previous formulation.
2. Different products are available for different needs. Honey Lemon is for relief of voice and sore throat. Swiss Cherry is for cough and throat irritation. Extra Menthol Swiss Mint is intended to relieve nose and irritated throat.

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