Dockers. Four Looks. One Holiday.

Peace, Love & Khaki

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It’s holiday time! So we brought out our best. From our world class khakis to our bestselling shirts, get your guy a gift he’ll khakily wear into next year.

Friends Get-Together

It’s time to see old faces. Looks sharp with some classic khakis, a nice button-down, and a bottle of something merry to share.

Meet The Parents

You made it this far. Wear a shirt with some Alpha 360s and get ready to work your magic.

Company Party Time

Best. Meeting. Ever. Show them who’s really boss with a classic shirt, Iron Free khakis, and the dance moves of your choice.

Vacation Bound

Warm weather or bust! All you’ll need are washed cargo shorts, a light chambray shirt, and a “don’t worry, be khaki” attitude.

Visit Dockers® Raffles City, Suntec City and Jem now to shop the holiday looks. More information:

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