At Ricola, we believe in the power of Swiss Herbs. We seek to bring the goodness of Swiss nature and values to the world by creating great tasting, functional herbal products. Each Ricola drop contains 13 natural soothing Swiss herbs that promises to deliver a delightful balance of great taste and soothing relief for the throat.







Ricola Elderflower - NEW! LIMITED TIME ONLY.

Bringing to you the goodness of Elderflower, where the flowering season was from late May to early June. Ricola Elderflowers has a unique and delicate flavor, which is often described as floral and fragrant. A perfect harmony between the floral and fruity elderflower herb and the full-bodied flavour of the Ricola 13-herb blend, with a fine balance of menthol. The result is a pleasant freshness and dedicate fruity notes unique to the Ricola Elderflower herb drop.

Elderflowers are native to Britain. Its' small, white flowers can be found throughout northen Europe and parts of North America. Dated back to as far as Roman times, Elderflower has been used in food products, particularly the elderflower cordial. In Thailand, we also found Elderflower coffee, Elderflower cake and Elderflower ??
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Our Product Range

Each Ricola drop contains 13 soothing Swiss herbs that are naturally grown herbs in the Swiss mountain.
Delicately produced, without artificial coloring and flavoring that promise a delightful balance of great taste and soothing relief for the throat.

The Ricola Story

Ricola deals with its herbs in a dedicated way: Each herb is mindfully selected for its individual character as well as the ability to work in harmony with one other. Ricola has longstanding relationships with Swiss farmers who carefully cultivate the herbs from Swiss mountain areas. All herbs are grown naturally without the use of insecticides or pesticides.

Each Ricola drop contains 13 natural soothing Swiss herbs and promises to deliver a delightful balance of great taste and soothing relief for the throat. With over 80 years of experience Ricola takes pride that the products are of high quality providing a delightful experience for our consumers worldwide.

How Does Sara Nalin maintain her voice?

Each Ricola drop contains soothing Swiss herbs to keep Sara’s voice in tip top condition everyday. Get to know us more on https://www.facebook.com/RicolaThai/ #RicolaThailand

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Celebrity Quotes

Bruno Mars, Singer
"I’m a real fan of Ricola. I can even sing Ricola’s song (sings the song)."
Source: 20 Minuten Zürich, 7 December 2012

Mariah Carey, Singer
"The superstar with power vocals, is the number one fan of Ricola, the Swiss Herb Lozenges with sugar free. It soothes her throat and protects her voice from being hoarse."
MSource: REVEAL, USA, 23 July 2005

Christina Aguilera, Singer
"While Ms. Aguilera doesn’t teach you any specific warm-up routines, she does teach you something more important: pre-show essentials. For instance, have a spread of hot tea, hot coffee, room-temperature water, honey (open and on a plate) and unwrapped Ricola cough drops ready to go before you perform."
Source: Observer, USA, 17 May 2016

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