The One Handed Fighter


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The One Handed Fighter

Let's take a quick look at Prakaipetch Eminent Air, a Muaythai fighter who was born with only one hand but still have a dream as the others and want to reach it with himself.

Prakaipetch is a Muay-Thai fighter who born with only one hand, however he never look it as an excuse to give up! With passion and determination he able to fight his way to the ring. No matter how hard it is or how strong his competitors are he always work hard and try his best to achieve his dream of becoming Muay-Thai champion.

When he was young he was bullied by his class mates because he got only one hand. However, he is able to stand on his feet and left all the critic and negative thought behind and smile back. He is able to accept the truth that he is handicap and he believe that he can do every thing like regular people.

"The Truth is nothing to Embarrass, If they can do it I can do it" Prakaipetch

This Video Produce By
Sasin Soonthornpusit
Pasyn Synchaisuksawat
Naphathadon Preeyapornmaravitch
Chuth Jantiwatkul
Phattirawan Jantarasathid
Froncois Harger

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