Pony _A light make up







Let’s start with primer for smooth-looking skin. Use primer with size of red bean, rub your palms together and apply on your face.

Next, we use puff to apply base color on your face. Normally, we use peach base color to make our complexion look bright and translucent. But if you have skin with acne and redness, green base is better.

After base color is foundation, using a brush to apply foundation on cheeks, forehead, chin is the best way to avoid thick make up.

One of the most important step is concealer. Using a small brush to apply concealer on the dark circle and other imperfections in tapping motion.

Next step is powder. Applying power on areas which make up can be slides off easily such as eyes, nose, forehead.

About the eyes, using eyebrow pencil to make shape soft and curved. Next step is eye shadow. And don’t forget eye liner. Then curl your eyelashes and glue on the fake eyelashes. After all, use masscara for your eyelashes.

With one lipstick, you can use for both lip & cheeks. Applying it slightly on your cheeks and spread out by your fingers.

Lastly, your lip, apply it to the entire lips but not too much on the top lip.

Then, make up is complete!!!

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