Michelle Phan _Beauty Tips with a spoon

You can use spoon when you make-up! Michelle Phan introduces how to use spoon when you make up. You don’t know that how we can use spoon with make-up, this video introduces to become more beautiful with spoon! You can do it very easy way.







Tip number 1:
Put your spoon in the fridge over night. When you wake up, take it out and lay over your eyes until the spoon is no longer cold. Now no worries about dark puppy eyes.
You can also use the spoon to massage on your face.

Tip number 2
If you don’t have eyelash curler, you can use spoon as curler.

Tip number 3:
Spoon can be used as a tool to make new lipstick. Put little vaseline and eye shadow on the spoon, heat the spoon up by a lighter until the mixture melt completely . Then, pour it in a small box. And…you have new lipstick from vaselin and eye shadow.

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