Former Girl’s Generation, Jessica Jung 16 steps make up to look like K-pop star







First thing first, The toner! Jessica starts her make-up by applying a toner with the cotton pads which she puts it on her face for 1-2 minutes. She then applies an essence all over her face by using the heat of her hands to help the skin to absorb the products proficiently. The next step is to put the moisturiser and eye cream to keep the skin hydrate through out the day.

Jung then applies the hydrating mist for the extra moist. Moving on to applying a lip balm, sunscreen and the foundation.

Jessica continue with the orange tone brush as well as the eyeshadow to add some colour to her face.
The eyeliner is also the essential to make her eyes pop a little bit more. Jung also gives a small make up trick by using the hair dryer to warm the eyelash curler before curling the real lashes and putting mascara This trick she claims that it gives out more dramatic eyelash result.

Here comes the last step of her make up routine, putting on a lipstick!! Jessica doesn’t like her lipstick to be too perfect, so she prefers to dap the products little by little to create the natural lips. Lastly Jung finished all her make up with the setting spray to keep her make up to stay on the whole day.

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