Jamie Chua's extravagant wardrobe







Today Jamie Chua is here to take us on a tour to her new luxurious playground a.k.a her newly renovated wardrobe.
Starting off with the jewellery section. Chua is a diamond and jewellery lover, we have to admit that her collection is pretty massive where she separates the jewellery sections by sections from diamond watches, braclets, rings, necklaces and pendents.

As most of you must have known, Jamie has a passion for collecting handbags especially Hermes handbags and some Chanel handbags. This new handbag section is renovated to give Jamie a bird-eye-view of her collections where she can match and pick up her handbag easily.

When the shoes fit, get it in every colour!!
Jamie loves to buy her favourite shoes in every colour. She also separate the shoes section accordingly from high heels, sandals to a very very high boots.

Chua says that it is very important for her to have an organise wardrobe where she can find things conveniently. The new design of her wardrobe helps to increase her storage space for 2 times.

So here is the end of the wardrobe tour. I hope you guys like this article :)

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